Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hayley - 7 Months

When Daniel saw me working with this picture his response was, "wow, she looks so old"....yes....she is getting so big!

+ She thinks her mom is the funniest person ever (and let's be real, I totally am)
+ She has started noticing when mom is not around, and will sometimes fuss if I'm not in sight
+ Hayley is waving hello and goodbye (she did this for the first time to Maggie)
+ Stella scratched and bruised her, these were here first boo boos :(.  In all fairness, Stella was just super excited and was running laps around the house and ran into Hayley, it was definitely not intentional..and you could tell Stella felt really bad
+ She actually started jumping in her Jenny Jump Up, instead of just hanging out there
+ Nodding her head yes has started, which makes for a lot of fun questions :)
+ Hayley and I went on the women's retreat with our church
+ She is sitting super well and loves to play with all of her toys
+ Hayley received her first "negative" review from MOPS nursery. They said she was angry when she was trying to fall asleep.  That's my little sleep fighter
+ She is trying solids like CRAZY and seems to love avocado the best
+ She smiles all.  The.  Time.
+ Her personality is so sweet and happy (except for sleeping at MOPS I guess hehe)

This update is short, sweet, and late! :)

How in the world do you tell those little eyes no??!!??
Cute little bottom teeth, and Stella crashing the shoot


  1. She is so cute!!!! Those pictures are great Ruby!!! Love them all! Sweet girl get better so we can hang! :)

    1. Ashley, I used MANUAL on all of them :) Just like you showed me haha! Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Great job learning your camera. She is beautiful (as always) and you captured her beautifully.