Monday, November 5, 2012


This year we did a semi low key Halloween.  I dressed Hayley up, we had some trick or treaters, and then the three of us headed to our friends' church over in West Salem.  It was fun, and perfect...except I bought way to much candy...that I am currently eating....

It turned out amazing.  I'm not bragging, it turned out amazing because my friend Ashley (over at our celebrated life) did basically ALL the ground work.  She mapped it all out for me, sewed it and figured out how to attach all of it.  The only things I brought to her house were the materials and pictures online of what I wanted it to look like (see those here).  Ashley is uh maze ing.....for real...that girl can sew anything and make it look fabulous.  You should check out her twins' nursery pictures.  She made her own slip cover for a rocking chair, while pregnant with twins.  I know. 

Once we (cough...Ashley) had sewn everything together, I basically just hot glued peacock feathers onto what she sewed...that was the fun part!  I paired her feather contraption with a onsie that I found at J.C. Penny and some leggings I found at Gymboree and Hayley was a glorified peacock.

One of my favorite pieces of Hayley's ensemble was the beautiful headband that was crafted by Crafty Mom's Corner over on good ol' facebook.  Mallory made it perfectly to order and I absolutely adored it!!!  Hayley also found the headband to be quite intriguing.  She did not want to leave it alone at all :)

Now, for all the pictures....I have had LOTS of people (ok three) ask me for pictures of her whole, here it is! Enjoy!


Elliette played up the elephant role :)
Easton, the giraffe, just hanging out

Jaxon was the cutest pirate I've ever seen

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