Sunday, December 9, 2012

For the love of Baby Legs.......

Now, we all love chubby little baby legs....the squeezable, kissable, rolls upon rolls of amazingness, who can deny sweet legs like that?  I am so blessed to have a wonderfully filled out baby with rolls that go for miles.  I have pinched and kissed every single one of them, multiple times.  They are just so squishy!  However, there is only one itsy bitsy, teeny tiny issue associated with all that cuteness; pants just don't fit.  I have purchased and returned pair after pair attempting to get something that doesn't suffocate those beautiful mounds of flesh.  I seemed to fail countless times, praying that my daughter would just learn to crawl, so that her legs would thin out and she would be able to strut her stuff in a draw dropping pair of skinny jeans.  It was this moment of desperation, when I found BABY LEGS.....hello coolest chubby baby/cloth diapering invention EVER! 

Baby Legs are a brand of baby leg warmers.  They are not the only brand, there are My Little Legs and TONS of different ones on etsy, like here and here. They are basically everywhere.  Before having a baby, and having issues with pants that chose not to be sized proportionally to my baby, I had no idea about these beautiful little creations.  I now have to say that most of Hayley's wardrobe consists of some form of baby leg warmers (I have all different brands and they all work wonderfully).  They are pretty inexpensive (way cheaper than pants) they are functional by covering her legs, I can pull them down to cover her feet, and they are cute to accessorize an outfit with while still showing off the adorable cloth diaper (instead of covering it up with pants).  The most important thing about them is that they stay up and I'm not having to constantly hike them up.  What can I say, I LOVE THEM!!!  I don't know what Hayley would wear outside in colder weather, or inside while she is crawling if it weren't for these beauties.  Now for some pictures of the amazing items in action!

Oh, and in case your wondering, Hayley did start crawling, and no, she hasn't lost any of those leg chubs :).  Oh the thought process of a first time mom ;)

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