Sunday, September 30, 2012 day today

Sometimes....your husband has to work on Sundays when he usually doesn't :(

Sometimes...... your daughter wakes up WAYYYY before she which you attempt to put her back to sleep, and not moments before you fall back to sleep yourself....your dog wakes both of you up.... get your buns to church ONLY because you need a break from said dog and daughter....

Sometimes...that church service is when God speaks to you very loudly through the service and worship (soooooooo thankful I went) take your daughter downtown to go shopping because you are exhausted, and hadn't done that together since you had her.... and it sounded fun.....very important. walk all the way across the mall to get to the Nordstrom bathroom to feed and change your baby, because all other mall bathrooms are kind of gnarly find the perfect pair of cable knit tights for your daughter (exactly what you were envisioning) and they only come in "I'm going to squeeze the crap out of your daughter's legs" or "hello baggy bums"....and then you ask the clerk if they have the middle size....and she responds..."if we did, we would have put it out before you asked".  Oh, really.......I guess I forgot you were perfect....... see a MASSIVE bug and you scream at your dog "GET IT, GET IT" because said husband is at work....then your dog runs around and barks because she can't see you knock it down off of the ceiling *how exactly was Stella supposed to get that* and start to panic and then your dog saves the has been redeemed from above statement. 

Sometimes....your daughter takes a 2 hour which you can't possibly figure out how to fall asleep yourself....and you lay there for two hours thinking, "I REALLY need to be sleeping" and about the time you have convinced your body to sleep, you get a text message....... feed your daughter sweet potatoes and she cries the entire time have to feed yourself before you get food for your dog try sour cream because it is in your fridge...and you realize you like it.....and you might put it on more items......and then you think...."what else am I missing out on that I 'don't like?'" can't ever figure out if your child is squealing and trying out her cool, different voices, or if she's proceed as though she is experimenting

Sometimes..... your daughter prefers to play with anything that ISN'T a toy...go figure are putting your child to sleep and realize there is a big blob of sweet potato in her hair....and then you think...bath, ignore, or clean with a proceed with a wipe...... have to blog your day instead of folding a putting away the mounds of laundry, and doing the amazing amount of dishes..

It's been one of those days........