Monday, June 18, 2012

Video Overload

Just a quick little video post!  Hayley rolled over this week, and we got a cute one of her making monkey noises.  Two things when you watch the video: ignore my unnaturally high voice, and know that we do not actually think Hayley understands what a monkey is, it's just cute :)
Hayley's monkey noise!  Video was taken last night on Father's day (6/17/12)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hayley - 2 Months Old

2 Months!
Well, we have all survived the first two months of infancy, and let me tell you, it has been a crazy ride.  It just amazes me how much personality a newborn can actually have.  I had absolutely NO clue.  I feel like when you hold newborns, before having your own, they are just sleeping or crying, and it doesn't really feel like a little human because they aren't communicating (so I thought).  But, having my own newborn puts a whole new spin on things.  Hayley has some definite likes and dislikes, and she makes it VERY known when she is not happy with something.  This second month of life really had a lot of firsts for Hayley, and I am very excited to share them with you all!

Hayley's Firsts
  • Hayley visited my school and met my entire class (both of them) outside (less germs), and the kids made a sweet banner for her. 
  • We took our first family trip and went to Lincoln City (for our 5 year anniversary).  We stayed at the Salishan, which had a swimming pool, so she went swimming for the first time. 
  • We all drove down to the southern coast to visit our families.  It is a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive.  Hayley only woke up once on the way down, and then a few times on the way back. 
  • She got to stay at Grandma and Grandpa House's house.  We all enjoyed our time there. 
  • Hayley got to lay outside on her play mat for the first time during a BBQ in Langlois
  • She met her uncle Adam for the first time
  • Hayley was dedicated in our church
  • She took her first bath in a sink (other than at the hospital).  It was Grandma's "swimming pool"
  • Hayley is getting her first tooth.....and apparently is going to get her driver's license next month......jk on the last one, but seriously, teeth already?!?!?!
  • Hayely had her first pacifier, and she still loves it!

Hayley's Likes
  • A clean diaper - this is number one because it is crazy how much she can't stand being "dirty"
  • Cloth diapers
  • Her play mat
  • When Daniel comes home - she will be screaming, with her eyes closed, when Daniel comes home from work, then he will say "Daddy" and she will open up her eyes and smile WIDE.  I do too ;)
  • When I sing - and if you have ever heard me, this is a shocker because I am an awful singer
  • Her high chair - to watch me cook
  • Eating
  • Sleeping with her face smashed up against my neck and breathing her hot breath down my neck.  I know I find this strange now, but I know I will miss it like crazy when she stops!
  • Baths - this girl will cry constantly and then be instantly calm when you put her in a bath. Then she is all smiles.
  • Drooling - lots and lots of drooling
  • The camera sound on my phone
Hayley's Dislikes
  • Sleeping - she fights naps ALL.  DAY.  LONG - however, she doesn't fight it at night, so I will take that as a compromise
  • Dirty diapers - she screams as soon as she is done making a mess
  • Disposable diapers - she got a nasty infection from them :(  We had to use them for the first time, since the day we brought her home, when we took our trip, and she did not do well in them.
  • Being taken out of the bath - she is instantly upset
  • Her bouncer or swing, she is over that "infant stuff"  :)

So as of right now, our "2 month" doctor appointment isn't for a couple more weeks (my bad with scheduling) so we are unsure of her EXACT weight and length.  However, I believe she is over 13 pounds (mom stands on scale and does subtraction), but I am not sure how long she is.  We shall see in a couple of weeks.  She is growing like crazy.  I know she is quite a bit longer because she no longer fits on my feeding pillow.  Her little legs hang off of the side.  It's cute, but crazy that she is growing so fast!!!

Hayley's dedication at church

Hayley's first time that husband of mine

Grandma's "swimming pool"

BBQ with the grandparents - don't worry, she is actually in the shade!

Her first pacifier! The very first time I gave her one she gave the angriest face, but I didn't have time to grab my camera.  By the time I got this shot, she was starting to enjoy it :)

The banner my students made for Hayley....they are the best :)